March was Women's History Month which means that, for those of us who love and follow museums, we started seeing #5WomenArtists 

who started this hashtag

This hashtag was created to bring more attention to women artists because the average person can't seem to name 5 of them...

...which is just sad.

I started following the hashtag, but I wasn't seeing that much art from women. A handful of paintings I was already familiar with but not much more.

And one museum did a lecture on The Rokeby Venus . . . 
. . . by Diego Velázquez 

Sure, this painting is important in the history of feminism, but this is not what I was looking for.

I wanted to see art by lesser known female artists, so I decided to highlight a different female artist every day for a year -- #365womenartists

There's no real method here. I will try to represent artists from diverse movements, time periods, and cultures, but I'm not planning to provide biography or commentary because:
  1. It would be woefully inadequate
  2. The research just to find the artwork is taking me forever :/
  3. If there is an artist you particularly like, you can always find out more--I'll try to include links

So comment and suggest your favorite female artists! I will take requests ;)

Profile Picture: Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting by Artimesia Gentileschi
Cover Photo: The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur


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