36. Isabel Bishop (American, 1902-1988)

from left to right/top to bottom
     1. Interlude, 1952, oil and tempera on gesso masonite panelCaldwell Gallery
     2. Self-Portrait1929, etching on paperNational Portrait Gallery
     3. Students, Entrance to Union Square1980, oil on plywoodSmithsonian American Art Museum
     4. Artist's Table, 1931, oil on canvasSmithsonian American Art Museum
     5. Fourteenth St., 1932, oil on canvasIsabel Bishop's "New Women" on Radford University's website
     6. Tidying Up, 1941, oil on masoniteIndianapolis Museum of Art
     7. Self-Portrait1984-1985, ink wash on paperNational Portrait Gallery
     8. Mending, 1945, oil on fiberboardSmithsonian American Art Museum
Isabel Bishop on Wikipedia
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