43. Inji Efflatoun (Egyptian, 1924-1989)

clockwise from top left
     1. Farm, 1953, oil on boardBarjeel Art Foundation
     2. Portrait of a Man, 1958, oil on canvasBarjeel Art Foundation
     3. Composition surréaliste, 1942, oil on canvasArtnet
     4. A Woman in Prison, 1963, oil on woodSafar Khan Gallery
     5. Filling the Jars in the Nile, 1950, oil on canvasSafar Khan Gallery
     6. Motherhood, c. 1950s, oil on woodBarjeel Art Foundation
     7. Loom, 1955, oil on canvasAWARE Women Artists
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"Freedom after Prison: A Different Side of Inji Aflatoun at Safar Khan" from Cairo360
"Painter Provocateur," an article on Efflatoun's indomitable artistic spirit from Christie's
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