211. Anne Whitney (American, 1821-1915)

clockwise from top left
   1. Le Modèle, 1875, bronze, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
   2. Abby Adeline Manning, 1861, plaster, The Davis Museum at Wellesley College
   3. Roma, 1869, bronze, The Davis Museum at Wellesley College
   4. Charles Sumner, 1902, bronze, Harvard University
   5. Lady Godiva, c. 1861-1864, marble, Dallas Museum of Art
   6. Samuel Adams, 1880, bronze and granite, Faneuil Hall (photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Anne Whitney on Wikipedia
"A Tale of Two Statues" from The Harvard Crimson
    Describing the controversy over the Charles Sumner statue
Collage generated using BeFunky


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