227. Bessie Davidson (Australian, 1879-1965)

clockwise from top left
  1. Small Girl with a Parrot, 1913, oil on canvas, Bonhams
  2. The Green Book1912, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Australia
  3. Woman in a Chaise Longue, oil on panel, Daguerre
  4. Young Woman in Mauve Dress with a Cat on her Knees, 1913, oil on canvasBlouin Art Sales Index
  5. Madame Le Roy from Behind Seated in an Interior, oil on boardBlouin Art Sales Index
  6. The Blue Dress, oil on canvas, Invaluable
  7. Purple Flowersoil on cardboard, Blouin Art Sales Index
  8. The Yellow Dress, 1931, oil on canvas, Art Guide Australia
  9. Young Girl with a Mirror, 1914, oil on canvas, Australian Art Sales Digest
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