330. Uemura Shōen (Japanese, 1875-1949)

clockwise from top left
    1. Sound of Tsuzumi, 1940, color on silk, Shohaku Art Museum
    2. Late Autumn, 1943, color on silk, Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts
    3. Snow, 1940, color on silk, Shohaku Art Museum (photo: Google Arts & Culture)
    4. Firefly1913, color on silk, Yamatane Museum of Art
    5. Tedious Hours1941, color on silk, Yamatane Museum of Art
    6. Mother and Child, 1934, color on silk, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
    7. Catching Fireflies, 1932, color on silk, Shohaku Art Museum (photo: Google Arts & Culture)
    8. Daughter Miyuki, 1914, color on silk, Adachi Museum of Art
    9. Woman Waiting for the Moon to Rise, 1944, color on silk, Adachi Museum of Art
Uemura Shōen on Wikipedia
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Google Doodle celebrating Uemura Shōen's 140th birthday (embedded below)
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