198. Giovanna Garzoni (Italian, 1600-1670)

clockwise from top left
   1. Butterflies and an Insect, tempera on vellum, Dorotheum
   2. Still Life with Birds and Fruit, c. 1650, watercolor with graphite and lead white, The Cleveland Museum of Art
   3. A Plate of Figs, tempera on parchment, Christie's
   4. A Lizard with a Snail, tempera on vellum, Dorotheum
   5. A Hedgehog in a Landscape, bodycolor on vellum, Christie's
   6. Still Life with Bowl of Citrons, late 1640s, tempera on vellum, The Getty Center
   7. Still Life with a Basket of Fruit, Sotheby's
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