360. Emma Minnie Boyd (Australian, 1858-1936)

clockwise from top left
   1. The Window Seat, 1887, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Victoria
   2. To the Workhouse, 1891, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Victoria
   3. The Last Load, 1896, watercolor on paper, Sotheby's Australia
   4. Corner of a Drawing-room, 1887, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Victoria
   5. Interior with Figures, The Grange, 1875, watercolor over pencil on paper on cardboard, National Gallery of Victoria
   6. Penleigh House, Wiltshire, 1891, Bundanon Trust
   7. A Lassie Yet, 1888, oil on canvas, Sotheby's Australia
   8. Tasmanian Landscape, c. 1925, Bundanon Trust
   9. The Cobbler, 1902, Bundanon Trust
  10. Creek and Tallam Tree, 1924, Bundanon Trust
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