364. Antonietta Brandeis (Czech/Italian, 1848-1926)

clockwise from top left
    1. The Equestrian Statue of Condotierro Bartolomeo Colleoni, Venice, oil on panel, Haynes Fine Art
    2. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, oil on board, Mark Murray Fine Paintings
    3. A Windy Day, St. Mark's Square, oil on panel, Sotheby's
    4. A View of Amalfi, oil on board, Rehs Galleries
    5. Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, oil on board, Christie's
    6. The Grand Canal with a View of San Geremia and Palazzo Labia, 1879, oil on canvas, Dorotheum
    7. The Rialto Bridge in Venice, watercolor on paper, Dorotheum
    8. The Entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice, oil on panel, Christie's
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