Art Links: Daily Art Magazine

Today, I want to highlight Daily Art Magazine.

This site isn't dedicated strictly to women artists, but it provides a host of great articles about art, artists, and the cultural contexts from which they spring.

One of my favorites includes an article about Georgia O'Keeffe's stint as a commercial artist for Dole to advertise pineapples. What a weird marriage of art and commerce! I'm not sure Dole quite knew what it had got a hold of. Georgia in Hawaii -- The 1939 Voyage for Pineapples and Artistic Freedom and check out Day 49: Georgia O'Keeffe (American, 1887-1986)

Another is the overview of the women artists of the Hudson River Valley School. Until recently, I wasn't really aware that there were female artists of the Hudson River Valley School, which is a shame considering how crucial this movement is to America's artistic legacy. (Six Female Artists of the Hudson River Valley School and Female Painters of the Hudson River Valley School, Part 2)

I have a round up of other articles below that are definitely worth a read, but also check out the app. They publish a single work of art everyday with commentary. It's a great way to start the morning. 


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