19. Sonia Delaunay (Ukranian/French, 1885-1979)

clockwise from top left
    1. Fashion Illustration(photo: WikiArt)
    2. Portuguese Still Life , 1916, oil and wax on paper, Private Collection (photo: WikiArt)
Fashion Illustration, (photo: WikiArt)
    4. Sonia Delaunay in Pajamas of Her Own Design, c. 1920s, (photo: Hint Fashion Magazine)
    5. Fashion Illustration--Swimsuits, (photo: WikiArt)
Composition, 1942, watercolor on paper, Private Collection (photo: Artnet)
    7. Portrait of Maria Lani, c. 1928-1929, oil on canvas, Private Collection (photo: The Athenaeum)
    8. Composition Opus 559, 1940, gouache and watercolor on paper, Private Collection (photo: Artnet)
Sonia Delaunay on Wikipedia
More works by Sonia Delaunay on The Athenaeum
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