Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP)

I thought we could all use a roundup of some of the works by women artists from our wonderful museums while they're shuttered.

clockwise from top left
1. Nudes, 1919, Suzanne Valadon (French 1865-1938), oil on cardboard
2. Stage III, 1957, Charlotta Adlerová (German/Brazilian 1908-1989), oil on canvas
3. Untitled, 1980, Renina Katz (Brazilian 1925-present), water and ink
4. Composition in Yellow, 1966, Tomie Ohtake (Japanese, 1913-2015), oil on canvas
5. The Student, 1915-1916, Anita Malfatti (Brazilian 1889-1964), oil on canvas
6. Portrait of a Girl (Ana Maria), 1951, Wega Nery (Brazilian 1912-2007), oil on canvas
7. Girls on the Boulevard Raspail, 1939, Noemia Mourão (Brazilian 1922-1992), oil on canvas
8. Guitar Player and Two Female Figures, 1934, Marie Laurencin (French 1883-1956), oil on canvas
9. Flower Vendor, 1947, Djanira da Motta e Silva (Brazilian 1914-1979), oil on canvas

Museu de Arte de São Paulo in São Paulo, Brazil
Collage generated using BeFunky


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