24. Levina Teerlinc (Flemish, c. 1510-1576)

from left to right/top to bottom
    1. Portrait Miniature of Katherine Grey, Countess of Herford, c. 1555-1560, watercolor on vellum, V&A
    2. Portrait of an Unknown Woman, c. 1560, watercolor on vellum, V&A
A Man, possibly Edward Seymourc. 1600, watercolor on vellum, V&A
    4. A Girl, formerly thought to be Queen Elizabeth I as Princess1549, watercolor on vellum, V&A
    5. Portrait of Mary Dudley, Lady Sidneyc. 1575, watercolor on vellum, V&A
Levina Teerlinc on Wikipedia
Review of Susan E. James's The Feminine Dynamic in English Art, 1485-1603 from The British Art Journal
(details how works attributed to Teerlinc are now being attributed to others, particularly Nicholas Hiliard)

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