7. Ende (Spanish, c. 975)

clockwise from top left
    1. Portraits of the Apostles Stating Where They Preached
    2. The Alpha the Majestas Domini and the Portraits of the Authors
    3. Heaven
    4. The Beast with Seven Heads
    5. The Woman and the Dragon
    6. The Apparition of Christ in the Clouds
All from Gerona Beatus an illuminated manuscript on the Apocalypse, located in Girona Cathedral
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tes77 said…
I never thought of there being women involved in illuminating manuscripts. This makes me want to start researching.
365WomenArtists said…
There are several who are known by name:

Claricia -- 12th century German nun
Herrad of Landsberg -- 12th century Alsatian Abbess
Ende -- 11th century Spanich nun
Guda or Guta -- 12th century German nun
Diemud or Diemudis -- 11th/12th century Bavarian nun
Hitda -- 11th century German abbess
Hildegard of Bingen -- 12th century German abbess, polymath, and one of the early scientific natural historians in Germany

Many male illuminators are not remembered by name either; probably, many more ecclesiastical women were involved in making manuscripts.
Anonymous said…
There was a time when the art was more important than getting credit for the art. That does not describe our era, however.
365WomenArtists said…
I don't know. There are thousands of people who are labeled craftsman or designers or commercial artists who are not getting widespread recognition, but they're there. Besides, many of these women artists were not successful in their own times, but their work endured.

The art market is a whole different animal than art, though. :)

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