44. Marie Guilhelmine Benoist (French, 1768-1826)

clockwise from top left
     1. Portrait of Elisa Bonaparte, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, 1805, oil on canvasLucca Musei Nazionali (photo: WikiArt)
     2. Innoncence between Virtue and Vice, oil on canvasArtnet
     3. Madame Philippe Panon Desbassayns de Richemont and Her Son1802, oil on canvas, The Met
     4. Portrait of a Negress, 1800, oil on canvasLouvre (photo: WikiArt)
     5. The Sleep of Childhood and that of Old Ageoil on canvasArtnet
Marie Guilhelmine Benoist on Wikipedia
More works by Marie Guilhelmine Benoist on The Athenaeum
"Royalists to Romantics: Spotlight on Marie Guilhelmine Benoist" from The National Museum for Women in the Arts
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