173. Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau (American, 1837-1922)

in rows, from left to right
    1. Before the Engagement, 1880-1882, oil on canvas, Dahesh Museum of Art
    2. After the Engagement, 1880-1882, oil on canvas, Dahesh Museum of Art
    3. The Shepherd David, c. 1895, oil on canvas, NWMA
    4. A Young Girl Holding a Basket of Grapes, oil on canvas, Christie's
    5. The Response to the Little Boy, oil on canvas, MutualArt
    6. Confidence, c. 1880, oil on canvas mounted on aluminum, Georgia Museum of Art
    7. Moses in the Bulrushes, oil on canvas, Christie's
    8. Careless, oil on canvas, Sotheby's
    9. The Improvised Cup, oil on canvas, MutualArt
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