202. Homai Vyarawalla (Indian, 1913-2012)

clockwise from top left
  1. First Indian prime minister Nehru lights a cigarette for the wife of a British diplomatBBC
  2. The Dalai Lama riding into India, 1956, The New York Times
  3. A group of trainee nurses entertain themselves while on a break, Bombay, early 1940sBBC
  4. Indian politician Indira Gandhi meeting with Jacqueline Kennedy, 1962, The New York Times
  5. Students at the J.J. School of the Arts, late 1930s, BBC
  6. Mahatma Gandhi and Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan arrive at a meeting, BBC
  7. Col. Sahi leads a misty morning fox hunt in Delhi, early 1940s, NPR
Homai Vyarawalla on Wikipedia
Google Doodle honoring Homai Vyarawalla's 104th birthday (embedded below)
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