225. Gazbia Sirry (Egyptian, 1925-present)

clockwise from top left
  1. A Boat On The Nile, c. 1980, oil on board, MutualArt
  2. The Kite1960, oil on canvas, Metropolitan Museum of Art
  3. Life on the Embankment of the Nile (II), 1960, oil on canvas, AWARE Women Artists
  4. Untitled, c. 1960, oil on boardPicasso Art Gallery, Egypt
  5. The Right To Hope, 1995, oil on canvas, MutualArt
  6. Martyr, 1961, oil on canvas, Christie's
  7. Detail from the Lust for Color exhibit, The American University in Cairo
Gazbia Sirry on Wikipedia
More works by Gazbia Sirry on artnet
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