246. Fanny Brate (Swedish, 1861-1940)

clockwise from top left
    1. Girl by a Window, 1907, oil on canvasBlouin Art Sales Index
    2. Hide and Seek1896, The Athenaeum
    3. The Red Watering Can, 1885, oil on panelBlouin Art Sales Index
    4. Summer Idyll1894, oil on canvasBlouin Art Sales Index
    5. Motif from Grisslehamn1900, oil on canvas, Bukowskis
    6. The Old Blind Woman, 1903, oil on canvasNationalmuseum
    7. In Midsummer, 1898, oil on canvasBukowskis
    8. A Day of Celebration, 1902, oil on canvas, Nationalmuseum
    9. Teasing Children, 1885, oil on canvasBukowskis
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