287. Bertha Wegmann (Danish, 1846-1926)

clockwise from top left
    1. Despair, oil on canvas, Blouin Art Sales Index
    2. The Artist Hildegard Thorell, before 1901, oil on canvas, Nationalmuseum
    3. Woman Sewing in an Interior, 1891, oil on canvas, Christie's
    4. New Friends, 1875, oil on canvas, Christie's
    5. Portrait of the Swedish Pianist Hanna Lucia Bauck (detail), c. 1890, oil on canvas, Den Hirschsprungske Samling
    6. Young Mother with Child in a Garden, oil on canvas, Nationalmuseum
    7. Portrait of Jeanna Bauck, 1887, oil on canvasDen Hirschsprungske Samling
    8. A Courtyard, oil on canvas, Christie's
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