305. Jessica Hayllar (British, 1858-1940)

clockwise from top left
    1. Primroses, 1887, oil on board, Christie's
    2. Far Away Thoughts, 1885, oil on board, Sotheby's
    3. When First We met, 1892, oil on canvas, Sotheby's
    4. Thomas Frederick Wells, Esq., 1908, oil on canvas, Wallingford Town Hall (photo: Art UK)
    5. A Tray Full of Roses, oil on canvas, Christie's
    6. House Cleaning, 1882, oil on board, Christie's
    7. A Double Pink Azalea, oil on panel, Sotheby's
    8. The Robin, 1910, oil on canvas, Touchstones Rochdale (photo: Art UK)
    9. A Coming Event, 1886, oil on canvas, Christie's
More works by Jessica Hayllar on artnet
Day 101: Edith Hayllar (British, 1860-1948) -- the artist's sister

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