309. Bessie MacNicol (Scottish, 1869-1904)

clockwise from top left
    1. Self-Portrait, c. 1893, oil on canvas, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (photo: Glasgow Museums)
    2. Baby Crawford, 1902, oil on canvas, Art UK
    3. A Girl of the Sixties, c. 1900, oil on canvas, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (photo: Glasgow Museums)
    4. Deborah, 1904, oil on canvas, Glasgow Museums
    5. Portrait of a Lady ('Phyllis in Town'), 1904, oil on panel, Paxton House (photo: National Galleries Scotland)
    6. St Monance, Fife, oil on canvas, Christie's
    7. Lamplight, 1901, oil on canvas, The Hunterian
    8. Edward Atkinson Hornel, oil on canvas, Broughton House & Garden (photo: Art UK)
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