357. Virginie Demont-Breton (French, 1859-1935)

clockwise from top left
    1. IsmaëlMusée de Boulogne-sur-mer
    2. Child Fishing, oil on panel, Sotheby's
    3. Fisherwoman Coming from Bathing her Children, 1881, oil on canvas, Sotheby's
    4. First Steps, 1882, oil on canvas, Sotheby's
    5. The Man is at Sea, oil on canvas, Christie's
    6. Study of a Woman, Musée de Boulogne-sur-mer
    7. The Son is Far, oil on canvas, Sotheby's
    8. Under the Orange Tree, oil on canvas, Sotheby's
    9. Girl with Wildflower Garland, oil on canvas, Sotheby's
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