178. Dora Koch-Stetter (German, 1881-1968)

clockwise from top left
    1. North German Landscape with Sheep and Worker, c. 1915, oil on canvas, Kunsthandel Koskull
    2. Bauernkaten in Summer, 1940, oil on hardboard, MutualArt
    3. Sunny Gate, oil on canvas, MutualArt
    4. Flowering Shrubs, c. 1930, oil on panel, Auktionshaus Mehlis
    5. The Red House in Althagen, 1911, oil on canvas, Oglethorpe University Museum of Art
    6. Self-Portrait, 1913, oil on canvas, Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop
    7. Hay harvest in Ahrenshoop, oil on canvas, Galerie der Panther
    8. Two Girls in Front of the Beach (detail), c. 1905, Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop
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