I thought we could all use a roundup of some of the works by women artists from our wonderful museums while they're shuttered.

clockwise from top left
1. The Human and the Conditions, 1935, Karen Holtsmark (Norwegian 1907-1998), oil on canvas
2. Music Interior, c. 1880, Asta Nørregaard (Norwegian 1853-1933), oil on canvas
3. Old Apple Trees, 1929, Agnes Mannheimer Heiberg (Norwegian 1894-1934), oil on canvas
4. Summer Night, 1886, Kitty Kielland (Norwegian 1843-1914), oil on canvas
5. Standing Figure, 1926, Charlotte Wankel (Norwegian 1888-1969), oil on canvas
6. Portrait of "Mother Kleppen", 1896 or 1897, Helene Augusta Vosgraff (Norwegian 1853-1935), oil on canvas
7. Street in Rothenburg, 1905, Signe Scheel (Norwegian 1860-1942), oil on canvas
8. Self-Portrait, 1933, Else Christie Kielland (Norwegian 1903-1993), oil on canvas
9. A Subscriber to the Evening Mail, 1887, Oda Krohg (Norwegian 1860-1935), oil on canvas

Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design in Oslo, Norway
Collage generated using BeFunky


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